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MeDusa blue envelope clutch was featured on THRIVE VEGAN MAGAZINE-  

Issue 7- best of vegan-fashion/athletes/rockers/gifts

Thrive Magazine is one of most chic and stylish vegan magazines today, that all about vegan lifestyle and cruelty free awareness. thrive is on stands nationally in USA on Whole Foods, Earthfare, Spouts, Natural Grocers, Vitamin Cottage, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, and more than 42 other retail chains plus 1700+ smaller grocers.

we are very proud to be in this issue - in the editor's picks section, and be a fashionable alternative of a 100% vegan, cruelty free beautiful clutch.

The gorgeous Tessa Barton, AKA @tezzamb with our black envelope clutch, and if you scrol down a bit more you will find out she have another MeDusa clutch- the gold mini! Tessa is full of style and chic, and bring the ultimate urban feeling that is built in our bags!

we LOVE her:)




Oh Delilah! Vacation mood

Oh! how much we LOVE vacations, and getaways, holidays and traveling , anything that will take us out, especially out of the computer...:)

Recently we met Odelia Mantzur, from the oh so wonderful blog: http://www.whydelilah.com/

Odelia is so sweet, and super chic & stylish, so so much that we are dreaming to take her with us to the next vacation and steal all her closet! her blog is mostly about her adventures on the road, her travelings- the most exotic ones and the more challenging... she is so beautiful in all of them, and it's a real treat to follow her and her stories.

meet Odelia the hot fashion and style blogger

We made a very special collaboration for this HOT season: 4 bags, 4 locations, 4 outfits, you can see the city guide book traveller, and the camp lover, and more....go soo the full first part that is now on WD blog and there is a special surprise in the end....jut for your next vacation...! ENJOY!

on the way to the airport envelope clutch is the answercamping will be perfect with this backpackcity urban walk with the perfect backpack made for itvacation mood is on -the new mary tote bag

And the best for last....to celebrate with all the readers and followers of WD & MeDusa we are offering a flash discount code of 15% off on ALL the shop! from today until saturday, June 16th! hurry up and start planning your next getaway....its the best thing to do:)



Our spring project and everything your feed needs!

We’ve sent some great holiday gifts to the best style bloggers you haven’t heard about yet. We chose the first one ourselves, and she chose the next one, who chose the next one, and so on—five MeDusa bags found a home with five inspiring women.

The 5x5 Project is intended to discover fresh and intriguing writers, to renew our Instagram feed and give a voice to intelligent and funny women with interesting aesthetic outlooks. What Instagram does best is offer a momentary escape to faraway, beautiful places. We decided to find new bloggers, photographers, stylists, and Instagram personas we’d never heard about and let them take us someplace new. The rules were simple: five bags, five days, five photos.

Each writer chose who to deliver a gift to, and this next person took the lead. Each of them chose their own concept, be it a series or standalone photos, and had a chance to talk about herself and her unique point of view. We relinquished all control over how our bags were presented. It was totally up to them.

Each blogger was asked the same five questions:

1. What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

2. What’s the last video that made you click “play”?

3. Coffee or beer?

4. What’s the last account you started following on Instagram?

5. What holiday gift would you like to receive?

The first blogger, chosen by us, is Maria Vernik:



“Umm… I’m twenty-nine years old. I live in Haifa but work in Tel Aviv at the Taiwanese Embassy (I work at the culture department and can even chat in Chinese).
I love photography, fashion, and Scandinavian design and am mildly obsessed with the colors white, gray, and black, as is evident in my blog and Instagram account (even my two cats are those colors, but that was just a happy accident).”


1. What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

I have to admit, the first thing I do in the morning is turn off the alarm clock and check my Instagram feed.

2. What’s the last video that made you click “play”?

Hard to say… I’m addicted to YouTube so I must have clicked on one of the videos there. At the moment I can only recall the amazing clips from Alexa Chung’s “The Future of Fashion” on the British Vogue channel. Highly recommended!

3. Coffee or beer? Coffee, obviously!

4. What’s the last account you started following on Instagram? @tlvstreet—amazing street fashion photography from all over the world by Israeli photographer Asaf Liberfrund.

5. What holiday gift would you like to receive?

I wouldn’t say no to a vacation in New York City. Or maybe in the Maldives…

Maria is an amazing and accurate voice, that is a true pleasure to follow, we love her work and we love her pictures for this project that tells her day routine with her Paris bag. now you can follow too! 

Maria chose  Karen Tal:



“I’m Karen Tal, twenty-four years old. By day I study Behavioral Science and work two jobs. By night, I’m a fashion blogger. My passions are traveling around the world, eating junk food, and watching the Kardashians to give my brain a break from the madness that is my life. I’ve been in a relationship for six and a half years. We recently moved to
Tel Aviv and now I take a lot more walks (preparing my body for the summer).”

1. What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

I’m one of those people who set the alarm for 45 minutes before I actually need to wake up, hit the snooze button, spend a little time on my phone and then only get out of bed ten minutes before I have to leave the house.

2. What’s the last video that made you click “play”?

I listen to the Tal and Aviad morning radio show through their app. I’m their number one fan.

3. Coffee or beer? Coffee, coffee, coffee!

4. What’s the last account you started following on Instagram? @betches.

5. What holiday gift would you like to receive?

A vacation in Greece, on an island with little white houses, clear water, and lots of good food. Thanks!

Karen is a very modern blogger, full of chic and style, its pure fashion love, and her work feels like a stylish magazine. her pictures for this project are very international, Instagram look with the exact attitude our envelope clutch needed! she is amazing! now go and enjoy all this good yourself:)

Karen chose Moran Apter:


“My name is Moran Apter. I’m twenty-eight years old and currently live in Givataim, as everyone can tell from my Instagram account—Givataim, city of beauty and sunshine. I spent the past year working as the house Stylist for the Golf Group, and now I’m doing all sorts of cool things.”

1. What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

I admit, the first thing I do is check my Instagram… it helps me wake up, get out of bed, and start my day.

2. What’s the last video that made you click “play”?

Nathan Goshen’s new song, “This is Ours.”

3. Coffee or beer?

Beer, naturally… I might be ruining my image, but I don’t drink coffee at all. I just don’t like it.

4. What’s the last account you started following on Instagram? @thefashionmedley

5. What holiday gift would you like to receive?

A vacation in Zanzibar. Right now. Thank you!

Moran is a very unique voice, she creates beautiful pics on her Instagram as beautiful as the fashion production she is making the styling for, she can talk chic and coolness as easy Sunday morning...:) in her work for 5x5 project she made every day mark with our black mini, real party in each pic! follow her for a better feed:) 

Moran chose Liat Shpiegel:



“My name is Liat, from Tel Aviv, twenty-six years old. I’ve always loved fashion and photography, and this year I decided to invest in this love and live it to the fullest! There’s always room for progress and improvement. In the meantime, I’m enjoying every moment of it!”

1. What’s the first thing you do in the morning? Turn off the alarm and go on Instagram.

2. What’s the last video that made you click “play”?

The reality cooking show Game of Chefs. I love it.

3. Coffee or beer? Coffee, totally.

4. What’s the last account you started following on Instagram? @Yarins_boutique

5. What holiday gift would you like to receive? A plane ticket to New York City.

Liat is very up to date blogger, Instagram creator and the best trend advisor, she is full of humor, style and chic, and shows the best TLV in the best way! its a pure fun to see her work and her photos for our project show exactly this- fun, style and chic! 

Liat chose Maayan Trudel:


“I’m Maayan Trudel (or as some people call me, Strudel), twenty-seven years old, originally from Pardess Hannah, but I live in Tel Aviv and it feels like I was born here. I’m a partner at the MarketMe marketing firm which serves clients in the lifestyle industry. My job is really just an excuse to spend all day on Instagram.”

1. What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

Play with my phone, obviously. I visit Instagram first, but I can’t get out of bed before I also check out Snapchat and Facebook.

2. What’s the last video that made you click “play”? Matt Simons – Catch and Release.

3. Coffee or beer? There’s no way I can choose. Coffee in the morning, beer at night.

4. What’s the last account you started following on Instagram? @squarepad

5. What holiday gift would you like to receive?

Unlimited gift certificates, worth plenty of money, for whatever stores I want. I’ll take it from there.

Maayan know about Instagram, and she can definitely a genius storyteller! she has it all- the tattoos, the attitude and the gift of creating perfect shoots! a true IT girl, that we are happy have our Billie bag now! follow her to stay update and enjoy the beautiful story she is creating!

OUr 5 superheros, 5 brilliant creators, 5 strong women, we LOVE you and your work for us, it was a pleasure to know and work with each and every one of you! keep doing what you do best, tell your story, show your point of view and the rest will follow.





MeDusa 6th Birthday!


The MeDusa brand is celebrating its sixth birthday—six years of Israeli and international creation. Since its establishment in 2009, when the designers presented their classic line, the brand has developed with a wide variety of collections all maintaining the brand’s unique character while stretching the boundaries of its signature plastic material, growing the brand’s fame and popularity.

The plastic, as well as the brand’s other recycled, 100% vegan materials, will always remain at the foundation of MeDusa’s collections, but different inspirations and techniques have allowed the designers to expand their range and offer a new experience with each additional line.

The latest and fifth collection was launched a few months ago. It’s called Reflection and deals with three-dimensional forms and with each bag as our own private treasure chest. 

As is its annual tradition, MeDusa will introduce a special, limited edition capsule collection in honor of its birthday. This collection is a unique product which is not part of the brand’s commercial line. As such, it reserves the right to be more artistically wild, allowing the designers the opportunity to create some extraordinary products, revealing a different facet of the MeDusa style.

This year, the designers are joined by stylist Shiran Kadar Miller for a stunning, one-time collaboration, inspired by the animal world, fantasy, and imagination. The work was done in a collaborative process, creating a joint fantasy shared by MeDusa’s and Shiran’s worlds of content and forming them into the shapes of bags. The new products present a rich, imaginary universe filled with humor and personalizing each and every item, making it relatable.

The birthday line bags are a special version of the Billy bags—small clutches from the brand’s previous collection. They will be featured in a special, limited edition, and will be launched at a special birthday celebration held at the MeDusa studio, on 110 Dizengoff Street, on January 29th, 2016, between 10 a.m. and 4 a.m. The event will feature special offers and gifts. All details can be found on MeDusa’s Facebook page and on its newly launched Hebrew website.



MeDusa at Artigiano in Fiera 2015


MeDusa will participate in a worldwide special art exhibition.

The show Artigiano in Fiera will be in Milan, Italy, December 5-13th.
Artigiano in Fiera is a unique event, a meeting point for learning and embracing the working traditions and cultures belonging to over one hundred countries, in a joyful atmosphere. A place where visitors can come into direct contact with the world of craftsmen and feel at home.
It's our honor to showcase and present our best sellers and new collection, just in time before Christmas.  Our vegan bags, cruelty free clutches and unique aesthetic of street style and design can be the perfect match for those who are searching for new and different gifts this year.
MeDusa is happy to take part in this special international event which is all about handwork, craftsmanship, and offers an alternative and gives a chance for small businesses, local designers and artisans to display their work.
We hope to see you there, and introduce to you our latest line and collections.  You can everything you need about this event here - more details. See you there...
Happy holidays!

MeDusa in a special long weekend for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

MeDusa is getting ready for Black Friday & Cyber Monday special offers!

MeDusa bags - #blackfridaysale from Medusa on Vimeo.

As we do every year, we’ve joined the forces of these two amazing sale days to create one extra special long weekend of discounts and promotions.

This is a celebration you won’t want to miss out on.  In addition to reduced prices on all our clutches, evening bags, wallets, travel bags, and backpacks, we’ve decided to also offer discounts on our MeDusu bag, the perfect weekend bag, which is back in stock in limited production quantity. Our everyday bags, work cases and bucket pouches, are also offered with special discounts.

Now is a great time to wander through our shop and choose some great holiday presents! MeDusa bags are the perfect gift for anyone looking for something original, unique and incredibly chic.

As a reminder, our products are 100% vegan and made out of recycled materials, so in addition to being fun, they are also high-quality ecological products. Vegan fashion is hot and MeDusa bags are a stylish and trendy alternative to the more common faux leather bags.

So don’t miss out! Come visit us from November 27th - November 30th for a long weekend of one-time offers and treats!

And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter and get an instant 10% OFF Coupon for your 1st purchase at our shop. Already signed up? Great! You’ll be receiving alerts for future offers and discounts. Not signed up yet? Now’s the time! You’ll be able to keep up to date on all the important news, including Black Friday through Cyber Monday sales.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday weekend Sales


Reflections 2016

In the creation of our new line, Reflections, our starting point was the notion of memory. What is a memory? What experiences are memorable? What sense has the strongest connection to the concept of memory?

We examined the notion through conversations with friends and family about their earliest memories. From the very beginning we set our sights on transforming a shapeless, nebulous, and emotional concept into a tangible, three-dimensional product.

Our research led us to the conclusion that a memory is the essence of an experience, the basis around which each of our individual stories are built. The most primal experiences are etched within us forever as memories.

Seeking a corporeal embodiment of this abstract notion, we turned to basic shapes, which form the basis for the entire collection. We created boxes from these simple shapes, which each woman can fill with her own memories. The box motif became the guideline for the new collection, leading our path and recurring in the design of each new item.


To mimic a primal experience, we cleaned the new models from all ornamentations and even of our signature plastic embossments. What remained was clean geometrical shapes with varying angular cuts, imbuing each purse with its own personality, either emphasizing or breaking through the familiar form.

The new bags are made only of plastic, without any faux-leather materials, and their three-dimensional design is performed without any external aid, entirely out of the plastic embossing itself. Our familiar textures stepped aside to allow a new focus on form, and the new texture is the bag itself, without any patterns. Though these new items are much simpler, they are warm and personal, and extremely pleasant to hold.


The addition of golden metal in some of the models provides the bags with a high-end, elegant look, a more adult appearance that is also a testament to the evolvement of the designers’ personal lives as women. The metal gives an elegant emphasis to the geometrical breaks—the corners and angles created in the plastic through embossing.

The new collection currently contains four new models, all shoulder-bags and purses, in five colors, including a new one—off-white.

Jennifer Lopez & MeDusa's white mini clutch!

We are so excited to share this great and exciting news with you!

We've  just spotted Jennifer Lopez, the one and the only, with our Ornamentica White Mini Clutch.

It happened at the "American Idol" auditions, held at little rock, Arkansas.  She was holding our white mini clutch in a perfect look from the Alex Perry pre Fall 2015 collection.

You can check out the the full story here from Tomandlorenzo.com.

Styling by: Rob Zangardi

[Photo Credit: Michael Becker/FOX, Precouture.fr]

Link from www.tomandlorenzo.com


MeDusa X Belle&Sue capsule collection

Belle & Sue is a multiple-time winner of the Israeli Best Online Shop award. It offers terrific imported brands such as Cheap Monday, Clashist, Mara Hoffman, Soludos, and Jeffrey Campbell, among many others.
Recently, Belle & Sue has also opened a physical shop on one of the main drags of Tel Aviv, Israel’s fashion capital.  The shop embodies Belle & Sue’s signature content and offers its high quality brands. 

Naturally, we were very excited when a few months ago Belle & Sue asked us to design a unique capsule collection. Working together was amazing. It was clear to us who our client was and what the items needed to be:
special, edgy, with a rough, rock-and-roll twist.

We decided to design a series combining handmade work with our
signature plastic, the type of design we use for our premium collection, with a bolder look. 

The addition of silver studs, attached to the plastic by hand, provides this limited edition with its unique look.

The collection includes four models, three of which are variations on existing models of ours, with add-ons and modifications. The fourth is the cherry on top, a new model from our new 2016 collection, due next September.

Combining metal into our existing models was a way of connecting our Belle & Sue line with our up-and-coming 2016 collection. The new model, the rectangular clutch, revealed here for the first time, also contains metal and is a perfect blend of rough and edgy with innovative and colorful.

We’re delighted at this opportunity to design a unique line, create beautiful bags, and express ideas that had yet to find their place in MeDusa’s previous collections. 

Check it out HERE

Meet Samantha of @Elleventy

A couple weeks ago we did a fun collaboration with Instagram maven Samantha of @Elleventy. Samantha is an amazing baker who has used our designs to create MeDusa cookies! Get to know Samantha better in our latest interview. 

1. Favorite part of the day?
Morning, because I can eat whatever I want and not feel guilty since I have the rest of the day to burn off the calories! 
2. First thing you do when when you get up...?
Check my phone...which basically means checking Instagram.
3. If you had to choose one sense what would it be?
I would choose sight, because the world is so beautiful.

4. Favorite color?
Mustard yellow.
5. The dream vacation is...?
Going to Japan and experiencing the culture and food there.
6. The best cookie is?
The shortbread cookie.
7. What music do you hear when you practice magic?
I tend to choose classical music.
8. 5 things that inspire you?
Nature, textures, quotes, movies, and other people.
9. Favorite Instagram account you discovered lately?
@medusabags of course! Love your work.
10. What is a must in your bag?
My phone!
Head over to Instagram to see more of Samantha's amazing photos. Nom Nom... 
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