Landmark, the new MeDusa collection, originated from a search for inspiration and innovation. We always aim to innovate within our signature use of plastic and our imprint technique. We are moved by the desire to bring our material to new and unexplored areas, pushing our boundaries and experimenting with processes whose results we cannot predict.

We were led by the idea of three-dimensional design, inspired by groundbreaking architectural pursuits. In preparation for this new realm, we became absorbed in the study of buildings that tell a compelling design story. After traveling the world, observing exotic locations and famous structures, we returned home, to Tel Aviv. We learned that the city in which we live, work and create is our true source of inspiration, invading everything we make at the studio. We are surrounded by a real, lively and luscious world of ideas, making our way to the studio each morning through a myriad viewpoints, buildings both beautiful and ugly, textures, sidewalks, colors and people.

 In our new collection, we’ve turned plastic into a three-dimensional platform, one which forms not only the exterior appearance of our bags, but their entire shape. The game of textures between plastic and fabric is enhanced: while the fabric folds, wrinkles and contracts, the plastic remains sturdy, maintaining the bag’s shape. In our new products, the plastic undergoes three-dimensional imprinting in a new technique that creates a bag entirely out of plastic. Fabric is added later, its design founded in the plastic shape. We are stretching our material’s limits, giving it a new role in the pattern of each bag. Plastic and fabric connect in a different way than before – now the plastic contains the fabric, enveloping it. The result is a unique collection, entirely different than MeDusa’s previous lines.

The textures we’ve created for Landmark mimic a geographical map, with markings pointing to specific directions. They include lots of geometrical drawings, asymmetrical lines and dots, creating a new language that tells the story of how we live and work.