Weekly Roundup

In all the hustle and bustle we wanted to share some of our favorite highlights from last week.


1 + 2. We were excited to be part of instagram maven @ZoeLaz posts. She did a fabulous job styling our green and black Poly Backpack. We can't wait to see what summer adventures our bag will encounter. 

3. Blogger and sustainable fashion enthusiast Aniqua Dreams included us in her mini list of Cruelty Free Fashion Brands. Check out her blog to find out more about vegan products and styling.  

4. We were over-the-moon and honored by the lovely interview Boticca.com posted last week. 

“I think that we [appeal] to women who are searching for the feeling of uniqueness, the feeling of being different, and some of them can be very very colorful outside, and some of them can be very quiet and grave, but they are looking for this one piece that will create, for them, this unique feeling,” Gili explains. “In every line, we’re dealing with the same question, how to create something that will still be unique… and keep it very very classic and desirable and understandable.”

We hope you enjoyed our snippets!