Medusa Studio Tour!

Join us in a quick tour of our very own space! MeDusa is located in the heart of Tel Aviv, Israel. Tel Aviv is a hustling city with an up-and-coming design and fashion scene. The studio is hidden from the street, in a backyard, like you are entering someone's house, and this is how we see the studio - it’s our second home.

Once you arrive you will be greeted by founders Adi and Gili. These two designers met at while in school as students at the Shenkar School of Engineering, Design and Art in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Their passion for art and design permeates the space. It’s immediately apparent that they have meticulously built an inviting and inspired space for fashion go-ers to visit, or in their case… for them to work.

The space is split into two sections, the work station - where creation happens and the showroom where community is found. When clients visit they begin to feel the true story of MeDusa. Our studio is the house of our creation and the place where everything happens.

Every detail and corner is jumping with energy in the same way MeDusa’s own pieces do. MeDusa is more than just a brand, it’s a reflection of friendship, a vein of timeless style and painstakingly designed art.  

Medusa bags are all made here, from the start, nothing comes pre-made. The stamped plastic is created in Israel right down the street from the studio. Every bag has its own design and mold. At the factory each row of plastic is pressed quickly creating a unique identity in every piece.

Creation starts with a passion to for new and exciting design that is then pressed into raw materials, sewn by hand before being wrapped for shipment!

In a recent article for Boticca Gili says, “First of all, it’s a very good friendship between both of us, so there is a full understanding and a full commitment from both sides to help each other and keep this business going.”

One thing that makes our bags and jewelry unique is their ability to transcend difference. The brand speaks to a woman’s heart and individuality. There is a Medusa bag for every woman whether she is a career driven mother like the founders of MeDusa themselves. There are bags for young fashionistas about to start school or for their hip grandmother down the street, who can appreciate MeDusa vintage influence in their contemporary designs.