Meet Stylist Audrey Brianne!

One of the most exciting parts of working in this industry is being afforded the opportunity to meet cool, interesting, creative people. After working with Los Angeles based wardrobe stylist Audrey Brianne we knew we needed to learn more!  

We are excited to share with you an interview with this hardworking career woman. 

Favorite part of the day?

I’m a night owl. Given the industry, I’m now used to early mornings and call times, but there’s something about the calm and stillness of the evening that radiates creativity.

First thing you do when you get up...?

Check my emails, then Instagram.

If you had to choose one sense what would it be?

Vision seems most vital to possess. I would miss music a lot, though. 

Favorite color?

Ironically I hardly ever wear my favorite color, which is blue. I’m almost always in black or grey.

The dream vacation is...?

Anywhere that my spirit is content, heart full and surrounded by those I love.

The best styling advice...?

Tailor all clothing that needs altering. If money is tight, at the very least have trousers and pants that are worn often properly hemmed.

Make peace with the fact that not all trends will work for your body.
Check out Australian designers (Sass & Bide is one of my favorites). They’re killing the game!

Coffee or beer?

Beer. I don’t drink coffee.

What music do you hear when you put together a look?

There’s an unofficial rule at my studio that there needs to be music playing during fittings and while we work. I can’t concentrate in total silence. It’s usually Empire of the Sun or similar artists.

5 things that inspire you?

NYLON magazine, Ilaria Urbanati, traveling, Downtown Women’s Center and Young Hollywood.

Favorite Instagram account you discovered lately?

@AmandaCCrew who’s currently doing this rad project called #100DaysOfPortraitsAndTexts. She takes a photo and captions if with the subject’s last text message sent.

What is a must in your bag?

Jergens Original Scent Cherry-Almond Moisturizer. I’m obsessed.
Describe the perfect MeDusa look?

The Paris Bucket Bag  is a perfect every day option. What’s particularly great about it is the size. It’s not overwhelmingly large. I once dubbed a popular designer bucket bag the ‘black hole’ because the style was too droopy. Constant rummaging resulted in many a frustrated, upturned bag moment. Even when a little more packed than usual, you’re able to easily find belongings in the Paris bag. The black/black combo matches almost any outfit, but for those wanting a pop of color I suggest the red/beige option. 
Another great body is the classic clutch. I just outfitted Jennette McCurdy in the white offering and it really helped bring together the entire look!

Learn more by connecting with Audrey on Instagram or Twitter: @AudreyBrianne. She can also be reached through her website,