MeDusa X Belle&Sue capsule collection

Belle & Sue is a multiple-time winner of the Israeli Best Online Shop award. It offers terrific imported brands such as Cheap Monday, Clashist, Mara Hoffman, Soludos, and Jeffrey Campbell, among many others.
Recently, Belle & Sue has also opened a physical shop on one of the main drags of Tel Aviv, Israel’s fashion capital.  The shop embodies Belle & Sue’s signature content and offers its high quality brands. 

Naturally, we were very excited when a few months ago Belle & Sue asked us to design a unique capsule collection. Working together was amazing. It was clear to us who our client was and what the items needed to be:
special, edgy, with a rough, rock-and-roll twist.

We decided to design a series combining handmade work with our
signature plastic, the type of design we use for our premium collection, with a bolder look. 

The addition of silver studs, attached to the plastic by hand, provides this limited edition with its unique look.

The collection includes four models, three of which are variations on existing models of ours, with add-ons and modifications. The fourth is the cherry on top, a new model from our new 2016 collection, due next September.

Combining metal into our existing models was a way of connecting our Belle & Sue line with our up-and-coming 2016 collection. The new model, the rectangular clutch, revealed here for the first time, also contains metal and is a perfect blend of rough and edgy with innovative and colorful.

We’re delighted at this opportunity to design a unique line, create beautiful bags, and express ideas that had yet to find their place in MeDusa’s previous collections. 

Check it out HERE