Reflections 2016

In the creation of our new line, Reflections, our starting point was the notion of memory. What is a memory? What experiences are memorable? What sense has the strongest connection to the concept of memory?

We examined the notion through conversations with friends and family about their earliest memories. From the very beginning we set our sights on transforming a shapeless, nebulous, and emotional concept into a tangible, three-dimensional product.

Our research led us to the conclusion that a memory is the essence of an experience, the basis around which each of our individual stories are built. The most primal experiences are etched within us forever as memories.

Seeking a corporeal embodiment of this abstract notion, we turned to basic shapes, which form the basis for the entire collection. We created boxes from these simple shapes, which each woman can fill with her own memories. The box motif became the guideline for the new collection, leading our path and recurring in the design of each new item.


To mimic a primal experience, we cleaned the new models from all ornamentations and even of our signature plastic embossments. What remained was clean geometrical shapes with varying angular cuts, imbuing each purse with its own personality, either emphasizing or breaking through the familiar form.

The new bags are made only of plastic, without any faux-leather materials, and their three-dimensional design is performed without any external aid, entirely out of the plastic embossing itself. Our familiar textures stepped aside to allow a new focus on form, and the new texture is the bag itself, without any patterns. Though these new items are much simpler, they are warm and personal, and extremely pleasant to hold.


The addition of golden metal in some of the models provides the bags with a high-end, elegant look, a more adult appearance that is also a testament to the evolvement of the designers’ personal lives as women. The metal gives an elegant emphasis to the geometrical breaks—the corners and angles created in the plastic through embossing.

The new collection currently contains four new models, all shoulder-bags and purses, in five colors, including a new one—off-white.