MeDusa 6th Birthday!


The MeDusa brand is celebrating its sixth birthday—six years of Israeli and international creation. Since its establishment in 2009, when the designers presented their classic line, the brand has developed with a wide variety of collections all maintaining the brand’s unique character while stretching the boundaries of its signature plastic material, growing the brand’s fame and popularity.

The plastic, as well as the brand’s other recycled, 100% vegan materials, will always remain at the foundation of MeDusa’s collections, but different inspirations and techniques have allowed the designers to expand their range and offer a new experience with each additional line.

The latest and fifth collection was launched a few months ago. It’s called Reflection and deals with three-dimensional forms and with each bag as our own private treasure chest. 

As is its annual tradition, MeDusa will introduce a special, limited edition capsule collection in honor of its birthday. This collection is a unique product which is not part of the brand’s commercial line. As such, it reserves the right to be more artistically wild, allowing the designers the opportunity to create some extraordinary products, revealing a different facet of the MeDusa style.

This year, the designers are joined by stylist Shiran Kadar Miller for a stunning, one-time collaboration, inspired by the animal world, fantasy, and imagination. The work was done in a collaborative process, creating a joint fantasy shared by MeDusa’s and Shiran’s worlds of content and forming them into the shapes of bags. The new products present a rich, imaginary universe filled with humor and personalizing each and every item, making it relatable.

The birthday line bags are a special version of the Billy bags—small clutches from the brand’s previous collection. They will be featured in a special, limited edition, and will be launched at a special birthday celebration held at the MeDusa studio, on 110 Dizengoff Street, on January 29th, 2016, between 10 a.m. and 4 a.m. The event will feature special offers and gifts. All details can be found on MeDusa’s Facebook page and on its newly launched Hebrew website.